How the Grademaster Blade Works

The effect of the "boiling" action of the dual blades shifts and deposits finer materials in the lower layers, with coarser materials remaining on the surface. Gravel roads typically look as if the roadway has been freshly graveled. Great for baseball and softball fields as well as golf courses and roadway upkeep. Maintain hunting club roads year round with the Grademaster Blade.

Better Results

The result is better leveling, smoothing and filling; better bonding of materials  without any windows or piling; better performance on compaction tests; and roadways that are left in better condition so that they need less maintenance. Use your farm tractor or skid steer to do the job with the Grademaster Blade.


Traditional motor graders push grade materials before them, often moving materials for some distance and creating piles and windows in the process.  But the Grademaster Blade operates more like a "recycler" turning, mixing, sifting and leveling grade materials almost in place. This virtually eliminates the potholes, washboard and corrugated surfaces caused by motorized graders.

Grademaster on a skid steer
Three Point Hitch or Skid Steer Mounting Plate
Finished Job With Grademaster Before Sod, no raking needed!
Large blade is an 8' Industrial

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